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Friday, June 20, 2008

Online Debate - Corporate Sustainability (by

I saw this post on It sounded interesting and intriguing at the same time. I posted my quick comment there and am posting the copy of it here as well. If anyone interested in this debate, you can go to or post your comments here too :)

Here is my comment:

“In this global economy driven by capitalism, not only has the competition gotten intense but also there is a complete paradigm shift in the means of growth for companies over the last century. In the start of last century, means of growth for the companies started with Exploration, followed by Industrialization couple of decades later, followed by mass-production, followed by standardization, and further followed by Innovation in later part of the century and finally through globalization towards the end of the last century and the start of this century. This strongly sounds like having exhausted the full cycle of growth. In no time, means of growth for companies are going to be very limited and competitive edge among the companies has already started shrinking. This will force the companies take any extreme step to further grow at the cost of environmentalism and any other social and democratic causes. It is high time every citizen stands up against this dangerous global trend and elect the right government, to put the appropriate pressure on corporate governance to maintain the sustainability in a meaningful way.”


  • Mani,
    I needed more time time to focus on this item. Thats why this delay. I read your comments on the site itselt among others. I found yours was also marked'recommended' congrats. I present impressions about Globilisation: Globalisation is an ideal which if practiced with absolute MORALITY will be good for everybody. Last week I happened to watch an investigative programme in BBC1 TV about an UK clothing company which sells very fashionable clothing at throw away prices and PRIMARK is a very successful high street clothing company in UK. But their cheap price come from the tender hands of poor children of illegal Srilankan refugees hidden away in camps in Tamil Nadu Bhavni Sagar and Thiruppur and other poor children in various parts of illerate poor families in Gujarat in India.The whole programme revealing the whole links in the long chain of agents exceptionally frightening. I am reliably told of all the human rights abuse in China in the production chains by my neighbour who has business contacts in China. Atleast in UK without any fear about political pressures or economic lobbying investigative TV programmes frequently come in BBC. I'm wondering how things are in the US. Coming back to the original question of very narrowing competitive edge with increased greed for very high profits of big Global corporate companies established legal standards, fair trade ,human values, need to protect environment and humanity , etc are all being conveniently forgotton. Unless every one of us become conscious and willingly watch for any injustice and fight it we are all going to lose. What was once a local and national struggle has now become a Global struggle and harming our environment and humanity.

    By Blogger drsubbu, At June 28, 2008 at 4:44 PM  

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