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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

“The Butterfly Effect” is an abstract or mere a secluded observation of two events happening one after another. Why does a butterfly flutter its wings in first place or what all other things might have influenced or catalyzed or even ultimately caused the butterfly’s fluttering leading to a Typhoon or a Tsunami in some other part of the world or more importantly what effects were made after “The butterfly effect”? Ever since the existence of mankind, there has been a question about the existence of the creator. As apparently more or more pieces are put together by the great minds, the puzzle seems to have been solved in a moment. But it starts puzzling again in the next moment.

Somebody says it is butterfly effect; somebody says it is an evolution; somebody says it is an intelligent system; somebody says it is God’s act; somebody even says it is astrological! What happens if butterflies never existed? I mean what happens if an event of our interest never happens. What all other events should not or at least might not have happened for the event of our interest not to have happened? What all other effects could not or might not have been made because a particular effect was not caused by the event of our interest that never happened!

As you might realize, the above inquisition grows rapidly as a thought set in an exponential fashion. Consider yourself a wish of about 10 things that never happened or happened slightly differently in your life and eventually ask yourself the causes and effects of your wish. Your head must have started spinning as your neural network is getting jammed up with thousands of inquisitive signals. Personally, I have a long wish list too getting regularly updated as the time evolves. In the past, I wished I had got a broader frame; I wished I had got a couple of marks more in Biology in my 12th grade; I wished I had chosen Regional Engineering College over Guindy Engineering College; I wished I had got the I-20 from North Carolina State University on time; The wish list goes on. I am glad none of these wishes ever turned true! If any of these had happened, I might not be writing this blog right now!

The afore-explained is just slice of one person’s life of thirty years. How big of a slice the life of six billion people living on this earth could become! I wonder here what if I were born to different parents! I also wonder here what if my dad were married to another woman or my mom were married to another man! How bigger the slice could further get when you add animals, birds and insects?

I still remember an apparently random incident in my life: a scorpion bit my mom when we were living in a rented house and I was a little kid then. We did not quite realize that was a very old house until the scorpion bit my mom and eventually we decided to leave the house. My mom did not like the house where we moved to and decided to leave that house too. Quite alarmingly, my mom did not like the second new house too! My dad finally found a solution to my mom’s complex problem of not liking the rented houses she moves to: he came up with the idea to build our own house! What followed was a total turn of events: He went bankrupt as he put in all his savings in building the house and was thrown in a situation to become dependent on someone else. He started focusing on me and my education much more than ever. He became very instrumental in driving me to come to US for my higher studies. My god or my butterfly or my Saturn or whatever! Is that the scorpion is what made me to start writing this blog! Very freaky indeed!!

How thick and big the slice now gets when you add vegetables, flowers and fruits. Since I was a kid, I was very averse of vegetables and fruits. What if I had liked those? Might I have put on more weight and acquired a broader frame? I would not be writing this blog again! My fiancée is the one who inspires me a lot to write. You don’t get it? If I had got little thicker, I would have probably found a girl much earlier in my life who might have been totally averse to reading or writing! My god or my butterfly or my Saturn or whatever! The vegetables and fruits are the ones that quite influenced me to start writing the blog!

How tasty the already bigger and thicker slice gets when you add humankind’s inventions, discoveries and strategies including electricity, telephone, automobiles, tall and huge structures, computers, internet, discovery of new planets, globalization and so on. In an apparently fortunate turn of events in my life, the invention of automobiles in another side of the world couple of centuries ago helped me in securing a job in a manufacturing company after my graduation in Industrial Engineering. I had a plan to work for a year just to get a hands-on and come to US for my masters. In another apparently chaotic turn of events in my life, the job demanded a lot and had to work long hours as our over-work was used as a competitive advantage by top management to compete in a global economy. I could not come home early enough to prepare for my exams to come to US and ended up taking one more year finishing all the preparations.

Just one week after I landed in Arizona, 911 attacks happened. Man, why those structures had to be so tall and huge?! My engagement got broken as the US economy crashed! Here I am: I got engaged again with my fiancée and needless to say I am writing this blog right now!! Is it the invention of automobiles couple of century ago or the globalization or my aunt’s myopia or the hugeness of tall structures attacked during 9/11 or the radical thoughts of whoever involved in those attacks? What all influenced, catalyzed or even ultimately caused me writing this blog right now?? What about the invention of computers and internet? Might I have been otherwise knocking the publication offices’ doors instead of comfortably publishing this blog through a mouse click???

Your apprehension of these events becomes almost impossible when you realize the ever-increasing possibility of mankind’s existence in one more planet. You become really crazy when you hear astronomers predicting the existence of planets in quite a few of millions of stars they see through telescope. Quite inapprehensible it gets!! What are all the effects of me writing this blog? One of the very obvious is you are reading it now! What else could be? Well, you and I have to wait for another 30 or 40 years to at least see few of the very obvious effects. One of them could well be: Some script-writer end up reading this blog and get quite impressed and ask me if I am interested in working as an assistant and I eventually become another Manoj K. Shyamalan. You know, you never know!!

What if I never wrote this blog? Well, obviously again, you won’t be reading this and I may not become (only, may not!) another Manoj K. Shyamalan! But what all would not or might not have happened for me not to have written this blog? Well, Scorpions should have never existed (forget about biting my mom in first place); I should have liked lots of vegetables and fruits; I should have probably got those couple of marks in biology and ended up in Medical school; Automobiles should have never invented; Swadesh movement in India should have fought hard against globalization; My aunt should have been more loving to my dad; Bin laden should have been born dumb or Bush should have been born intelligent; I should not have born to my parents or not have born at all; I should have at least not seen the movie “The Butterfly Effect” last night!!

Warning: Don’t watch the movie “The Butterfly Effect”. It is extremely thought-provoking!!


  • I am glad none of these wishes ever turned true! If any of these had happened, I might not be writing this blog right now!
    ... Perhaps.. u cud;ve just stopped by saying or stipulating ur wishlist. Since, one cannot, again, say that "I might not be writing this blog right now". Because that again..noone decides. It is only destined that a particular man like music,art or even biology for that matter. The success rate measurement is not given to man. Otherwise, why shud the answer sheet be sumbitted at al..isn't it? Shamlan wouldn't've known that he would become what he is now. Only thing he was offered his..starting to like movie-making. The destination is not decided by humans. A CA applicant would like to become CA not just if he/she likes CA.. but there is something more..that is offered by someone " ". And, hence, man doesn't have to apprehend or comprehend something out of the happenings. and try to prove . may be,,outsmart the creator. may be..thts y..stil we r humans. And, as far as the warning :) .. ive seen the butterfly effect and the chaos theory..still seems interesting , includin, to people such as kamalahassan which drives him to try out his hand in ten roles.
    And sry.. i had to delete my prev comment..since.. i had to rectify my mistakes..caused by my fast typing . However.. it is the same comment ! :)

    By Blogger Raghu, At July 5, 2008 at 12:02 AM  

  • Raghu,

    I agree with you. That is the reason I have said "I might not be writing this blog right now" I did not say "I would not be writing this blog" nice comments...

    By Blogger Mani, At July 5, 2008 at 10:30 AM  

  • I'm glad u watched the movie and I'm also glad that it has influenced u this way. I watched the movie 3 years ago I think and I couldn't sleep that night but it made me feel better about things in my life at a very crucial point. After all nothing in this world is decided by us but we must be glad that God or the universe has given u the right tools to deal with events and its effect. Like u have always told me everything is balance in this world. Even if we mere humans do faulteir then these forces whatever they may be will make sure things are set the way things are ment to be. I hope everyone does watch this movie at least once and feel better about the life they have and learn to appreciate the people they have in their lives. Learn to accept life as it is and find peace amongst chaos.

    P.S Thanks a lot for the compliment but I've only awakened the writer that was always within you.

    By Blogger bharathi, At July 5, 2008 at 5:12 PM  

  • Nice play of words Mani! Its ironic that for the last couple of days this is exactly what we (Myself, KRK, RR, Mrs. RR, RS, Mrs. RS) were discussing over a camp fire!
    We added "Meta-Physics" into the mixture with Art of Living, Chaos Theory, Systems Theory, Butterfly effect etc.
    Although our's were more of a theoritical discussion, it is soothing to see your practical comprehension of the theory!
    Good job!
    One thing that came out of all our discussion:
    "Just be in the present"!

    If you hadn't already, watch "Peaceful Warrior" - a fantastic movie on living and enjoying the present!
    Keep up the writer in you!

    By Blogger Prem, At July 5, 2008 at 7:47 PM  

  • "I might not be writing this blog right now" I did not say "I would not be writing this blog" .. Illa. i reckon that : even that..none to decide whenever..thnq ! hope no offense was indicated :)

    By Blogger Raghu, At July 6, 2008 at 9:56 AM  

  • Raghu,

    Certainly no offense! I always expect your comments. I certainly see we both are talking the same point. There will always be a slight loss between thoughts and words, irrespective of however good writer your are. Let me try to explain. "writing the blog right time (ACTION and TIME together)" might not be happening now! Does this make sense. I definitely appreciate your critical comments :)

    By Blogger Mani, At July 6, 2008 at 9:19 PM  

  • Prem,

    Be it Meta-physics or Chaos Theory or Butterfly effect or Physics or any other philosophy or science, it could just give you a perspective of our very own existence (despite my ignorance of any detail of these perspectives). As you might have already realized, it is going to be our life-long journey through our very own inner-consciousness before we actually know anything! Anyways, on the lighter side, thanks for your comments and would try to watch the movie you mentioned.

    By Blogger Mani, At July 6, 2008 at 9:26 PM  

  • Bharathi,

    Thanks for your comments. "LEARN TO FIND PEACE AMONGST CHAOS" - well said!

    By Blogger Mani, At July 6, 2008 at 9:31 PM  

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