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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Dark Knight - My Interpretation

The movie is such a gripping illustration of evil! Nolan's interpretations are deep, dark, intelligent and interesting. Nolan fulcrums the comics characters and the script at his own set of thought-provoking interpretations. Good and evil are always in equilibrium for our continued sustainability. Joker says to Batman, "Why do I want to kill you? What 'd I do without you? You complete me!" Well, is not it true? Sure, It is! Good tries to triumph evil by a strategy; evil changes its strategy accordingly to gain an upper hand; Good again changes its strategy to pull evil down. The battles are won and lost by both. but the war is never won by neither! You can either choose to be happy about the good's tenacity or get afraid of evil's intensity.

A clown pulling a gun on another, asks, "I bet the Joker told you to kill me as soon as we loaded the cash?" He gets a slightly confusing and playful response "No, no, he killed the bus driver" "Bus driver? what bus driver....?" he was done before completing it and the joker escapes with all the money! It is like you win rummy with all Jokers! Barring the impossibility, you still enjoy the smartness, crookedness and more importantly the intelligence. He strikes you for the first time and forever. The Joker is not governed by trust, beliefs, or principles; The Joker is neither emotional nor logical; The joker is neither materialistic nor philosophical; He does not have any schemes or go by plans. He does it as it comes! He is a concept, just opposite of good!

What a mesmerizing presence Heath Ledger brings on the screen! It is extraordinarily brilliant! He grips the entire movie by his menacing presence. Be it the scene when he makes a pencil disappear into a thug's head (!) or he combs his hair with his knife at the sight of Rachel or his utterly playful disgust look at two-faced DA in the hospital or his encounters with Batman. Man, he leaves such a lasting impact on a viewer. "An unstoppable force and an immovable object! You are not corruptible. You won't kill me out of your self-righteousness and I won't kill you because you are too much fun!", Joker says to Batman. But It is Joker who is too much fun! We don't want him to be killed! He is done developing in your mind such a vivid definition to the concept of Joker by the time movie gets over. How he unleashes fear on you through his scary-looking torn-and-stitched clown face is a mind-bending black magic.

The magnitude of Joker's strike on DA's spiritual self, making him slip down from a high level of his creating his own luck to a low level of his leaving others life to unfair chances, is immeasurable on any scale! You slowly realize the intensity of evilness brought out by Joker and so does Batman. The intensity is spectacularly sound engineered by Newton Howard in many scenes and in particular the ones where Joker goes freaky. There is indeed a sense of relief in the air when evils of lesser force are pulled into good's orbit at the time of madness and immorality. The civilians had to finally join forces to come into equilibrium with Joker.

Joker's another stunning piece of dialogue - "I am not a Monster. I am just ahead of the curve!!!" - stands a proof for Nolan's depth of understanding of Joker's character. Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan are thoroughly enjoyable. Enjoy the movie but don't be so serious? Joker does not like it!


  • Well every story we can think has good and evil,its as if we cannot think otherwise.It is very close to reality but are they in equilibrium for our sustainability?
    Obviously we want good over evil, does that mean we prefer one side to another.Nobody desires to be evil because they want to be evil,never do we even visualize us to be on side of evil but i think for most part we are. One becomes evil when he pursues something good like Security, Money, Power, Pleasure in a wrong way.Just as we explain in science, cold is just absence of heat thats how we found refrigerators or even simpler darkness is absence of light.I am not making light of evil, evil is real because there is good. Just as we desire, only good can sustain us.Mani,your thought is every close to reality but as far as i see, surely not real.

    By Blogger Sebas, At July 28, 2008 at 11:08 PM  

  • The guy initially slated to play the joker was... Sean Penn... The first time I heard about that, I was like "What? Sean? I can't even imagine the guy smiling."

    But Chris Nolan showed us good that the joker doesn't need to smile in the literal sense. The 'smile' that they went with... is AWE inspiring. Whoever thought that up for the movie IS a bloody genius! That set the tone for the entire character. And of course, Heath Ledger overshadowed them ALL...

    When I went for the movie, I was already impressed by Heath through whatever was shown in the trailer. I loved Jack Nicholson's joker, which suited the mood of Tim Burton's movie. But the trailer was enough to show me that Heath had gone MUCH farther with the character. Even then, I certainly did not expect him to be THIS good. One of the best performances of all time. It's been a week since I've seen it, and the dialogues are still running through my head...

    Why so serious?

    By Anonymous hammy, At July 31, 2008 at 4:26 AM  

  • We have all heard the proverbial adage "Good triumphs over evil". We all know what happens at the end of every story "Good does triumph over evil" So what is the joy of knowing the spoiler. To me it was watching with bated breath the diabolical unfolding of Evil and the desperate attempt of good to match wits with it. Evil is unpredictable good is not. You always know what is the right thing to do. "Do the right thing". To me Evil and sustainability are oxymoron's because the purpose of evil is to destroy. Just as joker asks what would I do without you, you complete me. I don’t think Batman could say the same.

    By Blogger DlanoR, At August 11, 2008 at 8:58 AM  

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