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Friday, September 5, 2008

The evolution of Truth

Rather an incomplete representation yet?

“Does Truth exist?” - an exasperated statement emanating out of frustration, anger, exhaustion and or depression because of losing out too many battles in one's life. But wondering whether “It is not true!”, “It is true!”, “You don’t know the truth!”, “I am very truthful!”, “You better know the truth!”, “She is not truthful!” and many more statements involving the truth is absolutely true or not is an experience itself.

“Does Truth exist?” is utterly a meaningless question. It is neither an object nor a concept for it to prove its existence. It is rather a continuum of realization and reflection of your inner self and the outer world surrounding you. Hence truth has been evolving ever since the universe has been! The evolution happens both over the time and across the universe. What you perceive at a particular point and moment could be completely not true. Truth is simply as old as the universe is and takes different forms in different parts of the universe. The evolution is the result of realization of truth and realization of truth is what makes an entity of this universe evolve!

If you take any entity that is a part of this universe, you can realize the evolution happening continuously. If you observe ‘a tree’ in some part of the world during a spring season, you might perceive it shorter, lush and lively. If you observe ‘the same tree’ in another part of the world during the fall season, you might perceive it to be taller and empty. Which is true here? – Trees are usually taller and have nothing but branches; or Trees are usually shorter and can never be imagined without leaves.

Why evolution of a particular entity in a particular time and in particular place is particular way? It is the ultimate result of an entity’s self-realization and self-reflection. The tree’s self-realization of its immediate world’s time changing from spring to winter and its eventual self-reflection is what make its leaves fall off. It is the same survival attempt that grows it either shorter or taller in different parts of the universe. The evolution is nothing but an entity’s survival through adaptation in an attempt to coexist with the Mother Nature which is changing over both the time as well as the place in a continuum fashion. Realizing this is what Truth is!

Is Lord Ganesh also evolving?!

But the order of complexity associated with the evolution is not the same for all the entities in this universe. The order of complexity of evolution is directly proportional to the order of layer of existence of a particular entity. Let us hypothesize water, air and sunlight which are actually part of the nature, as forming the zeroth layer of existence. Trees, plants and shrubs are followed next in the first layer of existence. Followed in the second layer of existence are animals. The highest layer of existence is occupied by Humans.

Just imagine how simple are the evolution of water, air and sunlight. They don’t need to adapt to survive as they form the basis for rules of evolution! For example, water just need to flow, evaporate or freeze mostly forever and everywhere! The trees and plants whose evolution is controlled by zeroth layer of existence come next. Truth for the first layer of existence is the all about realizing the zeroth layer of existence and eventually reflecting on itself. The animals come next which form the second layer of existence. It interacts with both zeroth and first layers of existence. That itself explains the order of complexity of evolution that animals need to adapt.

How about Humans who form the highest layer of existence? It has to interact with all the three layers of existence below it. It has got the most complex evolutionary process to undergo! Hence, “Does Truth exist?” pops up very frequently among them. It has got nothing to do with truth itself but only with the complexities of the evolution that defines it!

The complexity of evolution associated with human beings are not only due to the highest order of their existence but also due to the multi-layeredness of their existence. Human beings are the only type of entities in this universe who exist in three layers - physically, mentally and emotionally. All other entities exist only physically. Human beings realize and reflect primarily mentally. Their mental evolution is what ultimately controls the rest of their existence too. It is their mind which realizes and reflects on the truth. What you know is truth for you!

Not long ago, that earth is flat is what was truth for human beings because they had only known so! Over the years, earth has acquired its new dimension as truth about earth has evolved over the time due to human's continuous realization and reflection on it!
Human beings are evolved tremendously due to this great piece of realization. Truth has completely been redefined. They are no more afraid of hitting a dead end! It has lead to a lot of inventions and innovations. Human beings have also realized the universe is not confined not only to earth but also to nothing!

As we look at the evolution of truth at universal level, it is also important to understand it at a personal level. That how truth is perceived between two humans of a different times and parts is very interesting to ponder! Each human of particular time and particular time realize and reflect on the things in a way that is only controlled by their time and place. The gap between their time and or their place largely decides the gap in their perception of truth here. One might even look an alien to another!

There are so many other factors that could increase the gap too. The changes in level of realization and reflection as well as the stochastic nature of incompleteness associated with realization and reflection could completely change one's perception and conflict with another's truth! So, what could be true? Well, It could only be what you would realize and reflect when this universe would have stopped evolving!


  • Interesting read.

    Although I understand that in human beings mental evolution may largely determine our existence, I beleive it is the act of all three layers working in harmony that offers the ability to trust in ones' self realization and self reflection and also offers courage to not question it.

    This may sound idealistic but we are a complex entity and the great creator had a reason when he created us this way, so why not maximise what is given to us.

    Truth is what one belives it be it can't be forced upon by anyone.

    So learn to listen and trust your inner voice.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 6, 2008 at 9:35 AM  

  • It is easy to confirm ourselves to our World's current post modern relativism. But "Is it true?” .Now this statement, simply means is it right or wrong. When people thought Earth was flat, they were simply wrong. When meteorite fell in a European village few centuries back, the scientific community thought it was a hoax when eye witness narrated and produced a small meteorite. They didn’t think the cosmos had debris. Just because one thought it was false didn’t mean the fact changed. Truth is valid for all people at all times. Does matter self realize and self reflect? We honor sacrifice not selfishness, have we evolved against evolution? We say in our national emblem "Sathyamave Jeyathe" (Truth alone triumph not falsehood or Justice (to be precise fact) will prevail).We are talking about moral implications here, by taking this out of the picture; this worldview becomes very simplistic. One cannot invent their own truth neither is it an entity as you said to evolve; one can only be right or wrong.

    By Blogger Sebas, At September 6, 2008 at 7:00 PM  

  • Sabi,

    For anything or anybody to be right or wrong, the frame of reference is Truth. That Whoever or whatever is right or wrong is only decided by whether the person or the particular thing agrees with Truth or not. I believe I am clear so far about the relationship between Truth and being right or wrong. Truth is what decides If you are right or wrong and not the other way round.

    Truth is objective and being right or wrong is subjective. Truth has been evolving as I had explained in the case of earth's change in shape! Don't please tell whatever you realize right now is only truth. Few hundred years down the lane, new dimensions, that are way beyond your imagination, will do to your Truth. What you think it is true today could become totally untrue tomorrow.

    You might be right today but please be prepared to become wrong tomorrow!

    Please post your response. I am interested in knowing it.

    By Blogger Mani, At September 6, 2008 at 8:29 PM  

  • An applaudable thought process written in an obstract and intellectual intent. Well tried!.
    It is important to be aware TRUTH is solid and eternal . It does not change or Evolve. Evolution is a process of understanding the perception of truth. TRUTH is SATHYAM.
    With increased of level of knowledge and evolvement our understanding of TRUTH can become better. The fact that people believed that earth was flat was due to ignorance. When the real fact that earth is round and there are other planets in the universe is simply due to improvement in our knowledge and appreciation of truth.
    Perception and interpretation of truth can vary depending on one's circumstances and mental make up,etc, etc.
    The various pictures of Lord Ganesh only shows that basic structure and configuration of physical out look of Ganesh 'does not and will not change'. But presentations and artistic perception can change.
    One can modify the perception of truth but still can be very faithful. The truth directly affects and addresses one's inner soul. It is upto individuls how they cope with the absolute truth.
    The bottom line: TRUTH is permanent and does not change or evolve. Only perceptions and interpretations change.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 7, 2008 at 1:30 AM  

  • Just like to add to my first comment;

    I said truth can't be forced upon by anyone because TRUTH as previously mentioned by other writers is SOLID. This I believe.

    It is our journey towards the ULTIMATE TRUTH that evolves. As we journey through life we attain new ideas and new perceptions we become closer to the the TRUTH.
    To expand on what I said before "it can't be forced upon" because it is an individuals journey towards the truth. The truth will come to light when one has gained enough knowledge necessary to see it.

    Therefore what changes is your perception of what is right and wrong NOT truth.

    Lets take a spiritual perceptive:

    Every religion teaches us that the spiritual journey is a journey towards the ULTIMATE TRUTH as one becomes more knowledgeable and wiser with age and experiences. Each religion gives us guidelines to help us through this ever evolving journey. These guidelines usually dictate what is right and wrong. The more one follows the right path the closer one becomes to the TRUTH. This journey is necessary for one to find peace and greater understanding ones purpose in life.

    What I'm trying to say is even when we look at an individuals TRUTH their TRUTH doesn't change only their own understanding of themselves changes. They evolve.

    Hence we must learn to listen and trust our inner voice to better understand ourselves and others around us.

    Truth is stationary it will only become clear when one evolves to understand it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At September 7, 2008 at 8:11 AM  

  • Anonymous 1 (who commented by 1:30 AM, September 7th),

    I want to make it clear I am NOT talking about the following things:

    - I am NOT talking as MANI RAMANATHAN, an entity with a particular shape, form, knowledge and beliefs in this BIG UNIVERSE!

    - I am also NOT talking about one's subjective knowledge or what is right or wrong based on the subjective knowledge.

    - i am also NOT looking back TIME that is necessary to call something an IGNORANCE based on my current (subjective) knowledge (I am only looking forward TIME to say what you know now could become untrue too!)

    - I am also NOT seeing that any entity including human being are detached from the Universe.

    - I am also NOT referring yourself by 'you' but rather one of the entities in the universe.

    - I am also NOT defining Truth being about facts or what is right or wrong!

    When you say Truth is solid, you are giving it a definite shape and form. You don't know the final form or shape of Truth yet! Or no entity in the universe know yet. What i understand when you say Truth is solid is that you hope it is SOLID! It is not solid yet as per you because you don't know yet.

    I am only saying TRUTH is a continuum of self-realization and self-reflection of an entity on itself and the world surrounding it. What you perceive it to be true might or could become totally untrue! As the entities have been adapting to coexist with mother nature, the entities' self-realization and self reflection level has been increasing. As the entities and the universe make up each other, what an entity reflects is reflected on the universe too.

    When all the humans thought that earth was flat, that was their realization and reflection level. the human entities have evolved to see another dimension of earth, which is just another entity of the universe itself. The evolution of human entities ( not just one person who found earth is not flat) reflects on the universe itself. The human entities, the universe and the TRUTH altogether has been evolving. "WHAT COULD BE TRUE,? WELL, IT COULD ONLY BE WHEN THE UNIVERSE 'D HAVE STOPPED EVOLVING!"

    The physical outlook of Lord Ganesh or even Lord Ganesh himself is only symbolic, very much similar to a Cross for christians (I am sure you agree with this and i don't mean to explain this to you). I am not talking about an evolution of Lord Ganesh, something similar to human beings having lost their tail as part of their evolution. I AM ONLY USING THE SYMBOLIC NATURE OF LORD GANESH'S PHYSICAL OUTLOOK TO REPRESENT MY THOUGHTS ON "THE EVOLUTION OF TRUTH" SYMBOLICALLY! (I am very well aware that presentations and artistic perceptions are too obvious to be confused with!!!)

    The bottom line: Our frame of references are very different!

    By Blogger Mani, At September 7, 2008 at 10:22 AM  

  • Anonymous 2 (who commented by 8:11 AM, September 7th),

    please read my reply to Anonymous 1.

    MY SIMPLE RESPONSE IS: If your frame of reference is the one that you and anonymous 1 are using and not the one that i, not as MANI RAMANATHAN - an entity of a particular shape, form, knowledge and beliefs in this BIG UNIVERSE, am using, it is too obvious not to agree with it. My frame of reference is very different here!

    By Blogger Mani, At September 7, 2008 at 10:45 AM  

  • What i say may be right or wrong.One should keep an attitude of teachability, our minds even if our creator were to give us a complete visual of how a cell works would be a hard stuff to put our mind around thats the complexity of our reality.When you say that the truth here is that there is no absolute truth,isn't it a contradictory claim. Its not a word play just think about it.Its not a valid statement.The problem with this ideology is not that it disallow you to define anything but that it approves everything.That is why when i put a simple
    moral question: Is it wrong to rape a young girl? You were not able to say its wrong, just to defend this position.Is murder wrong, there are cannibals in various cultures may be their moral references were different. Lets take the AZTECS who practised Cannibalism 600 years
    before but they did so to put fear in other tribes and to establish their rule.Sounds familiar to what happens even today.Even if it
    happened today in America, surely the officer would read their rights but to murder wouldn't be their right.AZTECS do not need to agree about
    the truth, the reality is that they were wrong.

    I just copied the dictionary meaning of Truth google search for clarity sake:
    {Conformity to fact or actuality.
    A statement proven to be or accepted as true.
    Sincerity; integrity.Fidelity to an original or standard.
    Reality; actuality.
    often Truth That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.}

    Your assumptions is that the Evolution is the Truth, which by your own standard, will and is falling apart.
    This not only leads you to apply on the biological sense but also to meaning and value of exsistence. Evolution brings no purpose to life.
    Every body part within our body has a function but as a whole we don't? When people searched for truth, From Zorraster to Gandhi.
    they tried to answer one question:What is righteousness? Only when people tried to answer this questions did they stop oppression,
    slavery and so on.Lets keep searching but Truth stays the same.

    By Blogger Sebas, At September 7, 2008 at 6:19 PM  

  • Sabi,

    The reason you are saying that murdering a person is wrong it is because it is no TRUTH in the place and time you are in.
    You 'll become wrong if you murder someone and won't murder if you want to be right. but it is TRUTH among cannibals and it is not wrong. Remember you are not just the universe. Everything as a whole makes the universe. As you are detaching yourself from the universe and seeing from within you, your TRUTH is confined by your subjective knowledge. What i talk about places the frame of reference at the center of universe and its evolution.

    While my ideology defines things all by itself, I AM SERIOUSLY WONDERING THE SCOPE OF ANSWER.COM OR DICTIONARY.COM!!!

    Reality is nothing but based on your subjective knowledge! My ideology looks at things from much more broder perspective.

    "Your assumptions is that the Evolution is the Truth, which by your own standard, will and is falling apart" - i am not sure how you have come to the conclusion. Please read my post, my reply to some of the comments to the post and this reply again.


    What Gandhi did is nothing but served the purpose of the universe and helped it evolve!! What I and you are arguing and whoever is reading it also do nothing but reflect on the universe!!

    By Blogger Mani, At September 7, 2008 at 11:14 PM  

  • Well Mani, lot of long comments I hope to conclude my contribution to this thread, I think nobody is going to read after 10 long comments except us. We define Truth being fact and reality that exists around us. Now the truth you say is that the frame of reference is placed with the universe in which the known entity to think beyond its cause is only humans. Humans have different worldviews of the actual reality that exists and you say all of them are true. Even if one commits a murder and considered wrong by the rest of the world no one can force their values on him because time and place had led them to do so. Oh you judgmental conservatives, let’s not judge them! Usillampatti girl baby killings, Sati, untouchables (Harijans - coined by Gandhi Gods own people) a norm of the time and place. I can relate to this, I don't like somebody telling me I am wrong, I want to do what I want to do and nobody says anything. I don't think the Guy who their (reg. cannibalism) dinner was thought it was right to eat him in the same place and time your frame of reference was placed. You say people like Gandhi help evolve morality in the universe and take us to next level. You think if we don't teach values to our sons and daughters they will somehow inherit it from the evolution of the universe because they are part of it. Gandhi learnt Nonresistance to violence from the Christian pacifism theologian, Leo Tolstoy whose books were banned in Russia under totalitarian regime. Now don't tell me this evolved to that and that evolved to this. We need to teach values not hope they will self realize and self reflect and contribute to evolution because they are part of a common universe. Moral relativism has been in Europe since late 19th century and the major proponents of this ideology were World war totalitarian regimes, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin together they have killed more than 100 million people. It is a dangerous ideology that creates a fatherless society, a society that doesn't teach righteousness and moral accountability because it wasn’t their business, although every one knows we have a conscience, intrinsically present, pointer to absolute values.

    By Blogger Sebas, At September 9, 2008 at 9:31 PM  

  • மனிதனின் செரியான பாதையிலிரிந்து அவன் வேறு திசைச் செல்லும்பொழுது கைக் கொட்டி சிரிக்கின்ற "சமுதாயம்", அவன் தன் வேலைய்யை செரியாக செய்யும்பொழுது கேலி பேசிகிற "சமுதாயம்" .

    By Blogger Raghu, At September 20, 2008 at 8:31 PM  

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