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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Matrix - Decoding (Part 1)

It has taken little over a decade for me to finally catch up what is one of the most talked about movies in the the history of hollywood, The Matrix. I have tried my best to chew this movie over by going back the decade as much as possible. And I am planning to spit this out in pieces!

The fighting of good against bad and good saving the world from bad at the end has long been the one of the most beaten up themes in celluloid. The Matrix also revolves around the very same. The pattern of long and tough hurdles faced by good and bad thrusting the upper hand throughout until the last moment are also very familiar in the movie. Even love inspiring the hope in good in the dying moment has also got a sense of deja-vu. But what makes the movie quite extraordinary is the sky-high definition and scope of the central story line presented to us through never-seen-before stunning visuals.

Here the bad is conceived to be what mind believes to be real or its reluctance to wake up from a dream that it is so sure to be real or more precisely The Matrix - a computer program with a set of a definitions, rules, protocols and boundaries that drives the mind to believe what it believes so. The good is the freewill wanting to break away from the rules - The Matrix and its trying hard to unplug itself so that it could wake up from the snooze as quick as possible. The story here is quite symbolic in depicting the false boundaries rooted in human mind and showing the real possibilities our mind can see.

The relevance of the story is quite critical to today when lot of the long-existing cultural protocols, social definitions and geographical boundaries are being questioned and broken away for both good and bad causes. The Matrix is for sure bored with the sense of deja-vu and wants to modify itself while the freewill is bored with very basic components of the matrix - time and space and wants to race past them. It is a very interesting dual.

What we see the kind of globalisations, shifting of global political and economic power centers, the natural calamities like Tsunami and earthquake, the perception of heightened terrorism or our increased realization of global warming is nothing but minor adjustments or rewriting of few modules in The Marix. But what we have not seen is our losing control completely to The Matrix and becoming its slave. We might just be used to give life to the changed world just as a battery is used to charge the electrical devices by us today.

But the beauty of humanity lies in the existence of freewill within each of them and their ability to hack The Matrix upon the realization. I am also sure most of them will choose the red pill when they could finally meet Morpheus and thus free themselves!


  • Well, the idea of the 'matrix' is said to be dystopian fiction and Japanese animation. May be.. purely the above and nothing else.
    Considering the visual treat of the film, it gives a reminiscence of the film-much before the ET or starwars, may be, the stanley flick-"2001 space odyssey". Just like a revolution in filmdom, today's superhero subjects of the spider-man owes a lot to this film, when it comes to the experimentation from the west. Besides the classy dramas, romantic comedies and period films from the zephyr, I've been quite critically harsh when it comes to dealing with either extra martial or superficial stuff, such as a cpu taking to a spoon etc. But this flick was something, that toiled some of the known critics ;)

    By Blogger Raghu Sharma, At July 9, 2009 at 10:58 PM  

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